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October 2014

After months of deciding shall I, shan’t I, I finally plucked up the courage to go to the club on my own.

The club doesn’t have any signs over the entrance door, making it a very discreet venue, hidden within a well-lit pathway / alley. When I went in, I told the guy on the door that this was my first time and he was really friendly and put me at ease. He showed me around the place before I got changed.

I was given a large bag to put my clothes in and was ushered to the changing area. As there aren’t any changing rooms, the main changing area is the foyer before you enter the main club room. Or if you are a bit shy, you could change in the toilets. I guess there’s really no point in that because this kind of club is not for the shy guys amongst us and for most of us, ‘our all’ will be on display sometime throughout the night!

I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never been to a club like this before as I’ve only been to my local sauna. And I have to admit, I was rather intimated as I stepped through the main double doors to see guys walking about in lycra outfits within a dark, highly sexed environment.

After getting a drink from the bar, (even the friendly bar staff were in lycra tights) I sat down on a stall and gathered my thoughts.

Looking around the venue, I could see boots and metallic hoods hanging from the ceiling. In the bar area there were two cages and a video screen showing pictures of guys in lycra and underwear.

I noticed a group of guys sitting by the bar chatting and laughing. They seemed to know each other, so I guessed that they must be regulars. Next to me there was a guy on his own and I asked him if it gets busy in here and he said it was his first time. I spoke to another guy later on and he said it was his first time too.

I think it would be a good idea to have some kind of host for the event to welcome guests or even to circulate around the club and chat to the single guys. This can be a scary scenario for some guys and it would be a nice gesture to put us newbies at ease and to get the party going.

It was fun to watch the sexy guys walk about showing off their bulges and tight arses in their lycra tights, wrestling singlets and gym leotards. I was so tempted to reach out and brush my hands across their thick knobs but was rather shy.

Though this didn’t last long as a sexy young guy approached me and fondled my bulge. Another guy soon joined in the fun and so did another. After a few minutes there were about 5-6 of us all groping, rubbing and fondling each other.

The other guys left and I carried on playing with the young sexy guy in his blue Adidas outfit. We kissed, cuddled and rubbed each other until I made him cum in his outfit.

Would have preferred if there were some kind of benches to sit on in the club as a stool is not sufficient to relax upon, especially when you need to be at crotch height.

After our fun we sat for a while and chatted. He explained that he’s been to the event a few times in the past and that night was rather quiet compared to other times, even though there were about 20-30 guys milling about. We chatted some more and he left soon after.

Needing to cum, I sat in the darkened area on my own until a guy in a lycra dog suit and mask came over and offered to help me out. Having drunk all of my spunk, I patted him on the head, told him that he was a good boy and that he deserved a drink.

Having be de-juiced, I left the main club and got changed. The guy on the door asked if I had a good time and I said that I did!

I will definitely go back again, but next time I will try and be brave and grope more guys. Perhaps even kiss their bulges. Who knows?