Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heros?
Heroes is a monthly club which is aimed at guys who are interested in or have a fetish for skintight clothing.
What do you consider skintight clothing?
See the dresscode page for more information, but the majority of skintight clothing is usually Lycra (Zentai/Morphsuits, Cycling Gear, Running Gear, etc.), Rubber (Latex), Wetsuits etc.
What footwear is allowed?
Although most clubs run a strict footwear policy (normally consisting of boots / smart shoes), Heroes has a somewhat more relaxed policy. This comes, since running kit would not look correct with boots, and so trainers would be allowed – consider it that the outfit has to match and so you’ve though about your attire ie:
Trainers work with running / cycling / weight lifting suits
Wetsuit shoes / boots with wetsuits etc.
Can a straight (str8) guy attend?
Yes, straight guys can attend – and in fact, many regularly do. If you are in to wearing tight Lycra or rubber, or anything else on the dresscode and are interested in being in the company of like-minded others, then come along.
Why no girls?
The club is run in an established Gay / Bi Dresscode Club – The Backstreet. As such there are no facilities for ladies. The club originated in the gay community.
Where it the club held?
Heroes is held at The Backstreet club, which is located in Wentworth Mews. This is a couple of minutes walk from Mile End Tube Station, and is also a short walk from local bus stops. See www.thebackstreet.com for more details.
How do I get there?
For more details on how to get there, please see the location page.
I’m nervous, what is the Backstreet like?
Very friendly – Heroes has been described as “being down the pub with your mates – just dressed differently”. When you arrive at the club, you are generally greeted by a member of door staff. You’ll be directed to get changed before paying your admission and using the coat check. You’ll then be directed in to the bar area where you’ll be able to get a drink and start socialising.
What are the changing facilities like?
The club has a large entrance hall with stools and chairs to enable people to change. For those more nervous, there are also a couple of rooms where you would be able to get changed.
What facilities are there in the club?
The main area of the club is split in to two areas: a dark area and the area around the bar. There is also an outdoor smoking area at the back of the club, meaning smokers can go outside if they wish.
The bar area has a selection of draught drinks, soft drinks, spirits and canned alcohol. There is also a selection of bar stools and tables or people to rest their drinks on while talking.
Can I stay past 10pm?
No, not unless you have a change of attire that would match the later evenings event.
Does anything else go on there?
Only if people want it to… anything overtly sexual tends to take place in the dark area, but there’s also occasionally other things going on in the main area – for example, human pups playing on the floor or bondage.
Don’t worry if you’re not interested in this though, you’ll still find plenty of friendly people to talk too.
What type of guys attend?
There’s all sorts of people who attend: Footballer types, athletic types, muscle, twinks and all ages from 18 to 50+.
Is everyone there for sex?
No – the majority of people are not there for sex, and are just looking to hang out with their friends in a relaxed atmosphere, wearing clothes they might not be able to wear in their local pub.
If you are interested in sex, then there is a darker area of the club, and standard cruising etiquette applies.
Is there a photo policy?
It is preferred that people do not take photos and publish them online without the permission of everyone within the pictures. If you are taking pictures, you are asked to respect that other people do not necessarily want their picture taken.
How much does it cost?
The cost is £4 per person and £1 per item in coat check.
Drinks are very reasonably priced for a night club of this nature; at around £2 for a soft drink and £4 per pint.
Do I need to be a member?
There are no membership requirements nor is there even a membership scheme. Just turn up and enjoy.

If there’s any more questions, please ask?